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Hi everyone and welcome to our blog!

This weblog will show our progress throughout this whole project. The project, which is part of the minor Advanced Prototyping, is named ‘Architecture as Painting’. A quick introduction to our team:

We’re a team of five students: Elvis (Maritime Technology), Jelle (Industrial Design, postgraduate student), Marcella (Architecture), Gary (Architecture) and Cindy (Industrial Design). For this project we’ll also work together with architect Tiwánee van der Horst, industrial design engineer Casper van der Meer and Mascha van Oossanen from the technical support TU Delft.

‘The City as Canvas – Architecture as Painting’ is a challenging project where we have to research on how to use the 3D-printer intuitively. In this project we’ll try to figure out how we can create a light-weighted, portable and manageable 3D-printer which allows us to actually draw a 3D-model without having to design a BIM beforehand. While designing and building this 3D-printer is one part of the assignment, the other part of the assignment is to create a sculpture with this machine.

A quick summary on how we planned to approach this project:

Applying the principles we already know, ex.: glue gun. The current prototype will be analyzed to find the problems. New solutions will be found by understanding the problems and possibilities of the 3D printing machine. After the analysis, a design for the sculpture will be made so that a list of specific requirements for the prototype can be set up. By trial and error an optimal material for printing and for the prototype will be found.

As a team we plan to meet up at least three times a week. Hopefully we can post a lot about our project the coming weeks until the date of the Science Fair. We’re all very excited to work on this project and we hope you’re as curious as we are about the end result.

More to follow……!!

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