Our First Presentation…!

For our meeting with Tiwan√©e and Casper just after the first two weeks we prepared a presentation. The ideas are quite ambitious and pretty difficult to execute in this short time of period. Apart from that the concept is very clear. We also made a planning of how to approach this project since we also need to set boundaries for ourselves to efficiently work and create this prototype. Also part of the assignment is the sculpture. For the sculpture we already have a few ideas and now we’re going to design a frame first as to support the 3D-print. We plan to make a scale 1:2 model. The hardest part of the prototype probably will be the electronics. To get optimal feedback we at least did some research beforehand. Roughly we’ve thought about the usage and the form of the 3D-printer leading to our first sketch model.

Concept First Week-1 Concept First Week-2 Concept First Week-3 Concept First Week-4 Concept First Week-5

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