The Third Week

We are entering the 4th week of our augmented project soon. So far these three weeks have been quite an adventure for us. We have been designing, building, squeezing our brain juice to solve problems, touring around and so forth. What’s more, we are actually applying the skills which we have learnt from practical in building our prototypes. For some of us, that was even our first time to use those machines to build something which we designed ourselves.


After a meeting with Casper, we were invited to have a tour in his workplace, Better Future Factory/ Perpetual Plastic. Of course we were really excited after hearing that. The tour took place on 3rd week’s Monday evening. As soon as we walked into his workplace, we were introduced to his partner, Laura Klauss and we were shown around. It was really an inspiring tour; many ideas sprung to our minds after the tour. Upon leaving, we were surprised with a few gifts from them: a hopper, a nozzle and a handle.


On the next day, a little adaptation of our design of the plastic extruder was done again due to the parts we had received from Casper. These given parts actually saved up our time and thoughts in the overall plastic extruder building process. Simultaneously half of our team was busy with designing the frame of the sculpture. We had decided to build scaled sculpture of 1:2. In addition to that, the materials use for the frame, the dimensions of the frame are planned.


On Thursday, as usual, we proceeded with our tasks respectively and made quite a progress in our building of the extruder. The ordered parts, heating element bands arrived on that day as well. So we would be expecting the extruder to be completed and usable in the very near future. Also, we had Tiwánee checked out on our progress on that day.


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