The Fourth Week

Entering the  last week of our project we can look back at a very productive and fun week.

Besides all the modeling and improving our model  we still managed to obtain a well-designed model. Finally we could add the last details to our plastic extruder and build it!

Unfortunately we still have not tested it but we still have time.! Last week our focus remained on the electronics and which cooling system we will use and how we could ensemble these two major  subjects into our model. Step by step we could manage to keep working and improving and rebuild our model without creating setbacks.

On Tuesday we met with Tiwannee and Casper. Like all the other meetings this one again was very helpful. We discussed our project, the steps we had made and also our presentation on Thursday 20-10-2016.

Last week we also started on our electronics. At the same time we started creating our structure which is the basics of the sculpture that we’ll have to build.  Luckily we don’t have arguments. On Saturday a couple of us went to The Dutch Design Week.

Looking forward to next and final week our goal is to finally build the extruder, make several model tests and build our sculpture.

We started the week by rebuilding our plastic extruder with the new parts we had received from Better Future Company. After we reconsidered shrinking our extruder to the minimum so in the future if someone else want to build the extruder it will save them money and material.

The negative part of last week was all the time we spent modeling and improving our plastic extruder in Solid Works. If we didn’t had this set back we could finalize our sculpture frame last week. Another setback is that Applied Labs is being re-organized. Due to this we could not add the electronics on the extruder.

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