Science Fair

On the 1st of November 2016, Science fair was held in the Industrial Design Engineering building at TU-Delft. The science fair was held for exhibiting the 10 projects of advanced prototyping minor. This was the opportunity for all advanced prototype-ers in this minor to present the projects to the public for the first time.

Of course, we were very excited to have this opportunity yet griefful due the fact that we would be parting with the team members and project at the end of this fair. Nevertheless, save the tears and let’s talk about the science fair.

On that very morning, thrilled yet hysterical because we had to pick up posters and still a little touch-up had to be done on our “art-piece”. Fortunately, everything went smoothly with booth set up in the end and every member prepared to astonish the public with our masterpiece!

When our booth was ready, curious faces were seen in front of our booth. Well, that kind of showed that what we had been working with had caught the attentions of the crowd. First goal, achieved! During the exhibition, During the exhibition, our handheld 3D printer was used to build some sculptures, accessories, arts, and some other useful things. Interested people were even allowed to have a hand-on experience with the printer to create whatever they desired. The team members and our expertise seemed contented with the positive response. Other than the overwhelming response from the public, we also received feedbacks from people of all walks of life, from an experience plastic extruder builder to a mother of 3 children. We were told that, our 3D printer could be better by extending the front barrel, so that less torque would be used by a hobbyist of 3D printer. Apparently, our 3D printer caught a lot of attentions of parents as well. We were told to childproofing it and making it more user-friendly, so that it could be used in the household as hobby or an activity with their children.

Only for several hours, we had the opportunity to show-off our prototype and standing proud in front of it. It was worth all those endless hours of hard work, determination to burn midnight oil on researches and designing, dreadful early morning wake-ups in the cold rainy morning, and the adaptations to failed prototypes. We were ecstatic and contented with the response and encouragements from the public.

Poster 1Poster 2

IMG_1602 IMG_1601 IMG_1600 IMG_1599 Booth

IMG_5197riktig (1)

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